Creating beautiful environments has long been a passion of mine. I've happily spent years bringing products to market for major home decor retailers, and now I'm sharing that experience to bring original, design focused celebrations to life.

My active role in the home interiors market provides me with the foresight to get a head of event planning trends. Given this unique perspective, one of my favorite challenges is finding event decor that can be reused in your home. With my understanding of product development + manufacturing, I often have custom, artisan made pieces included in my events.

A corporate foundation has provided me with the budgeting, production and project management skills + tools to get your planning process moving, and keep it on target. I'm even an excel master; I'll pivot table the hell out of your seating chart!

More than anything- I'm real. I understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming ,expensive, and honestly, not always fun. There are so many decisions to be made. I'll walk you through all of the most important ones. Like - what table runners look best with your shoes? Do you really need personalized cocktail napkins? For real- you're going to start caring about those things!